Plenty of Tips..5 Online Dating Tips

Did you know that 49million people have tried online dating?

Once upon a time it was such taboo & now it’s very mainstream and accepted within society. There are definitely still some that turn their noses up to online dating however, I personally feel it’s the wave of the future. I have my grievances however, I do think it’s something everyone should try at least once! While, this list is literally just the TIP of the TIPS I could give you for online dating I feel this is a great starting point! So whether you’ve already hopped on the Tinder train….( no pun intended) or are thinking of giving it a shot I think this is the post for you!


Think about how you want to “sell” yourself. While the pictures are obvi important, there are tons of pretty faces on dating apps. Your “bio” is often sooo much more important than you may think. Telling a funny joke, discussing your hobbies, SHOWING PERSONALITY IN GENERAL can help secure the DM 😂.


Now that you’ve thought about how to attract your future match, what is it that you want to attract? Not only just physically but educationally, professionally, socially, etc. This is a lesson I learned by trial & error it took me sometime to identify exactly what I was looking for in a guy. There were times I thought I wanted one thing & realized I needed to go back to the drawing board. Definitely know your value & worth however, also be aware of what you yourself can bring to the “table”.


Be safe! Understand that not everyone out there is kind & always proceed with safety in mind. I personally like to get to know a person for a few days/maybe even a week before I have a meetup. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve definitely googled possible dates & have been able to catch some pretty big lies & not waste my precious time! So don’t go into it thinking everyone is being truthful. At the end of the day lust rules dating apps & understand that there will be times you will be told what you WANT to hear to get what is WANTED from you.


Along with safety for the initial meet-up determine where you will go. Public locations are always ideal and can be low-key (Bookstore, Starbucks, smoothies etc).

However, if you are not looking for something casual or a hook-up.


Stick to your guns there’s definitely plenty of other people that may agree to doing that with your match, however understand what you accept is what you will have. If someone makes you feel that if you don’t agree to what they want to do specifically THAT… just move on to the next. Remember to value yourself above all & there will always be another fish in your sea….


See what I did there


Be authentic & have fun! At the end of the day you’re trying out online dating for a reason, don’t get too caught up in worrying if someone will like you because YOU liking your date is just as important. Don’t post that photo from 5yrs ago, don’t claim to have material possessions you don’t own or hobbies that you don’t engage in! Someone will like you for who you are…weird or not so just be real & genuine!

Have you ever tried or thought of online dating? Was the experience positive or negative for you?

45 thoughts on “Plenty of Tips..5 Online Dating Tips

  1. I have not done online dating. To be honest, it scares me a little. I do know two people personally who met their spouses online. One has been married 2 years and the other has been married 20 years with 3 kids.

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  2. I am married so don’t have any plan to try an online dating but these are great tips that will surely help those people that finding their match thru online world.


  3. I’m happily married but through friends it’s definitely not a bad option and worth a shot! And with great tips like these I think it’d really help. Also I just love the pictures in this post, seriously made me laugh out loud!

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  4. Great online dating tips -some guys need to see these and not send those annoying naughty pics – no one wants to see that! I met my BF online so it does work!

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  5. I went on a date from a dating site when I was young. The guy literally was 5 foot tall! These are really good tips. Also, always let someone know where you are, where you plan to go, and emergency text codes.

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    1. Omg I would’ve been so disappointed I’m only 5’1 myself but the though of being eye to eye with a man is not what I’d like lol. Since I grew up so short my kids need to have long legs 😂😂


  6. These tips are really helpful. I know some people who have successful marriages from online dating. It’s important to know what your looking for when dating online or offline.


  7. I have never tried to do dating online but it sounds really cool and you gave us a very helpful tips that I can share with my single friends.


  8. Not been part of the dating scene for decades, and glad I am not likely to be part of it again, but totally agree with number 4! Even if if you and your date are truly watching something on Netflix 😉 , it’s still not the best way to get to know someone as conversation would be limited.


  9. Great article, and I love the memes! I totally agree– it’s so important to go in knowing who you are and what you want. It’s a tough world out there in terms of online dating (and general) but this reminded me that all of us in the dating pool are dealing with the same things!

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  10. These tips were really good. I’ve tried online dating like twice. Had a good date from coffee meets bagel and a couple dates from OK Cupid. I definitely was turned off by the last date for sure. I do think people should try it once. Thank you for sharing these tips!

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      1. Girl he just kept taking me on date after date, and at first I thought it was cute. I’m like oh he really planning and being consistent. Only to find out that he was trying to get a lot of dates in to see when we were gonna be intimate. I was like oh you got the wrong one sir lol. He was crafty but I caught on after like the 6th or 7th date. Now this wasn’t like one date a month, it was like 2-3 dates in a month. Like it was too soon for him to be that consistent. He was consistent for the booty Chile 😂

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      2. That literally happened to me once before too & the fool had the nerve to get drunk one night with his friends and tell me his friends were telling him he already should’ve got some etc….mind you this was a WHOLE 35yr old man and we had only went on 3 dates but in a fairly quick span of time. I was like first off I can’t deal with a man that needs direction from his friends…2nd I can’t deal with a man that needs liquor to build courage and 3rd I’m going to have sex when I feel like it! Lol some of these guys are literally crazy!

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  11. These days we do everything online, so why not dating, right? 🙂 Nice article for those who are looking to start online dating 🙂 I know many people who have found their loved ones this way, it’s definitely the way to go in the future.


  12. Don’t Netflix and Chill is my golden rule lol, momma ain’t raise no fool! Sure you can give the guy the benefit of the doubt but in this day and age we already know what’s up. Great tips! thanks for sharing!

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