Know Your Worth

It’s so difficult at times for me to remember my worth. There’s so many times where I’m placed in situations in which, I feel I receive treatment that is underserving of what I put out.

Daily I have to remind myself that I’m a “catch” that I’m hard working and empathetic & want to bring about more happiness, kindness and love in this world.

While, I’m not someone that will pretend like those virtues consume me cause they don’t. I cuss like a sailor, I’m can be extremely selfish & stubborn and I’m not always sweet!

All that being said I still am someone deserving of happiness, gratitude, love and understanding. For years I was in a relationship that I knew I was drowning in & deserved much more but stayed because the unknown was more scary to me then being with a man that was abusive in many regards.

Even to this day when I’m over the dating scene & feeling as though I will never meet my “someone” I think should I have stayed?

At the end of that question I’m able to quickly see that the person I’am today is so much stronger, insightful and wise due to some of the struggles I’ve went through.

~I deserve to have everything I’ve ever wanted needed.

~I deserve a life in which depression doesn’t consume me.

~I deserve a life full of people that love me for who I’am

~I deserve to love myself & how I look the way I do the women I see on Instagram.

~I deserve to be in a job in which, I feel appreciated & valued.

~I deserve to be happy & fulfilled.

At the end of the day I just want MORE in so many areas of my life. And I realize it’s okay for me to stare that I’m WORTH receiving it.

What are some areas in life that you feel your worth is often compromised?

8 thoughts on “Know Your Worth

  1. I love this! Sometimes we don’t realize our self worth because we are so busy looking for value from others. You’re right, we deserve to be happy and fulfilled, especially in every aspect of life. Keep working on you, Queen!

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