Blue Apron X Weight Watchers Review

So some of you might not know I’m actually on Weight Watchers however, I’m currently failing horribly at it….

Before I went to Vegas on vacation about 8 months ago I was loving WW however, after vacation I just fell off the bandwagon so hard.

I’ve been trying to build up my motivation & focus so I figured I’d give Blue Apron’s collaboration with Weight Watchers a try. I’m guilty of loving convenience & figured this was just what I needed to jumpstart my journey again.

Initially, if I’m honest after reading the choices I was already over it because nothing really seemed like something I WANTED. I felt that it all looked like quintessential “diet food” and wouldn’t enjoy the meals.

However, If you were already a participant of Weight Watchers you received a discount off your first two boxes I believe it was 50%. So I figured there’s no reason not to give it a try.

I selected the Crispy Baked Chicken

& Spanish Style Garlic, Shrimp & Potatoes

I actually really enjoyed both meals. They both didn’t take too long to cook & were very flavorful. I do feel the meals be helpful for someone with a busy schedule & unable to meal prep for the week.

I do however, feel that most of the options were fairly high in points & feel I would rather save those points for a treat.

For 2 meals a week there’s a current special for $27.95

For 3 meals the current special is $39.34

If you like convenience I’d say give it a try.

If you’re on a budget or pretty good about meal prep. I’d say this wont necessarily be a necessity for you but could be nice to try every once in awhile!

Have you ever tried a meal subscription service? How did you like/dislike?


5 thoughts on “Blue Apron X Weight Watchers Review

  1. I recently just stated Keto, so I was thinking about using Blue Apron to order some meals to cut down on the time I spend shopping and cooking throughout the week. It looks amazing, I might try it out! Thank you for your review 😊


  2. Hi!

    I have always wanted to try WW honestly. The meals look like what is advertised so that’s good because believe me I have had my experiences lol! Keep going strong.

    Love Always,

    Christina Jane

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