Love Your Body!

*The only kind of model that girl could be is plus size??

*Don’t all overweight women have trouble conceiving??

*You won’t have to worry about him hitting on you…??

The past few weeks…I’ve been hearing such negative comments regarding different bodies and definitions of beauty and frankly have been extremely over it.

I was particularly irritated by the comments above as I don’t feel it fits my narrative nor a lot of plus size women. As a 27yr old plus size woman I turn many heads. Many plus size women in general are able to turn heads! I don’t have any issues attracting men nor getting a date. Honestly, the only time I feel there was difficulty with men was when I didn’t have confidence in myself!

My whole life I’ve had this odd fascination with beauty & vanity. Not in the context of makeup or hair but body shapes & sizes.

Growing up I was the short chubby girl even though I believe I have Supermodel legs…the reality is I’m 5’1 and barely have legs 😂.

My size & stature always made the 3rd or 5th wheel in high school/early years in college. I was always everyone’s funny fat friend. However, I’m thankful that it helped my personality, my comedic timing is impeccable & I’m a pretty dope chick.

As I began to get older and become more self-aware of my body & proportions I started to love myself. I was able to value my short legs & enjoy being petite. I was able to love my thick thighs, big boobs and butt where in the past I felt it made me stand out and loathed my body shape/structure .

Nowadays, there are numerous resources for clothing that fashionable plus size clothing & way more supporters regarding body positivity & the definition of beauty. However, there’s still so many people out there worried about the bodies of others. No longer are we in the days where there are no plus size models or as a chubby girl you have to dread shopping because you’re fearful you won’t fit any of the clothes.

I’m embracing the changes in society & the body positivity/ effyourbeauty standards movements. Every one that is BAD ASS enough embrace who they are to the world & give no fucks are friends of mine. I love seeing the empowerment that comes from the simplicity of a hash tag or wearing a crop top etc.

There are sooooo many women that are apart of the change and have helped my journey of self acceptance surrounding the things I have insecurities about. I truly love seeing models and beauty influencers of all shapes & sizes. Love your curves, rolls, back fat, thigh gaps, cellulite etc! We can either spend everyday hating who we are or spend everyday finding ways to love our imperfections!

What’s one dumb stereotype or question you’ve heard about your body type?

7 thoughts on “Love Your Body!

  1. Great post! It’s definitely hard not to compare or critique ourselves in the age of social media. Having confidence is definitely self care


  2. I’ve been slim my whole life. In high school I wore a size double zero and no matter what I did it was nearly impossible for me to gain weight. I’ve had people call me all sorts of names because of my size. Telling me how I’d never attract a man because I had no shape. I was “nothing but a stick figure.” But let me tell you what confidence does. It’ll get you a whole lot. When you believe in yourself what others have to say won’t shake you. And it wasn’t until I started believing in myself and loving myself that I soon began to accept my body and who I was.

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  3. Honestly I feel like adults are almost as bad as kids when it comes to talking about someone’s size. People love to try and tear other people down because they are unhappy with themselves. I also think I have super model legs I’m 4’11” 😂😂😂.

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  4. I love this post! I’m plus sized as well, and I hate those “for a big girl” comments, it makes me feel like being plus sized is some unbearable action that can’t be reversed. Instead, I’m proud of who I am, because I know God never intended me to be any other way. I’m on a journey of self love and this is one of my biggest issues: loving the skin I’m in, this was such a great read, thank you for posting this.

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