V-Day Realness

Oh Valentine’s Day how I’ve not missed you…

So, generally speaking I’m doing well emotionally with being single on Valentines Day. I haven’t cried today nor really been upset or JEALOUS (yes I said it).

Although, I will be honest in stating that unless I have a boyfriend I’m typically miserable on Valentines Day.

Don’t get me wrong I love seeing couples show off their love and expressing their feelings for one another. If anything it gives me hope and thoughts that one day I will feel that same way about someone.

Of course I’m not naive in thinking a few sweet captions & Instagram pictures equates true love & happiness…. for years I was posting pictures with lovely captions/gifts and I was being abused so there’s definitely more than meets the eye to everyone’s narrative than what they post on social media! Regardless it’s always beautiful to see love expressed when, this world is often filled with such anger, rage and hostility.

This year I’ve been really content with being single for the most part and really using my time to identify EXACTLY what I need in a spouse. At this age when I date I’m dating with the intentions of long term commitment, therefore pinpointing my needs are crucial.

I’m a hopeless romantic I love, love and of course want to find that again however, I want to be more intentional about learning what I need in order to receive love. While also, learning about what I need in order to give love.

Today there was no point where I was “sad” about being single or not having a Valentine. The reality is I probably could’ve had a few Valentines if I truly wanted. However, I chose to spend this day to myself as my desire to find the person I’m truly looking for outweighs my desire for attention.

So my advice surrounding this day whether you are single or not is taking the day to appreciate the love that you have around you.

•Do not sit home and cry because you don’t have a girlfriend.

•Do not go out and have meaningless sex or get on Tinder.

•Identify what love means to you.

•Think about the people in your life that you love.

•Engage in some self-care for you.

•Think about the qualities that you want/don’t want in your future spouse.

•Hold yourself accountable and think of some areas that you should work on yourself, to prepare yourself for a healthy, happy, future relationship!

What are your thoughts on Valentines Day?

14 thoughts on “V-Day Realness

  1. ” my desire to find the person I’m truly looking for outweighs my desire for attention.” I love that line. Yes it sucks to be single on Valentines day, however as you said its better than being with the wrong person!! Lovely post! I spent the day typing blog ideas lool

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      1. You’re welcome ❤ … yesss it helps! It gives you more time to edit etc and you wouldn't feel flustered about what to post and write down thoughts or ideas when they pop into your mind.


  2. Single here! Valentine’s Day has become a Ultra Self Care day for me. Since I don’t have a significant other I either plan dates with another single friend or do some alone time. This year, I treated my mom to a mani/pedi at her favorite spa and then baked cupcakes for my parents. I tried to not think too much about being single as I’m learning to love it.

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  3. It is better than being with the wrong person. Isn´t that a word. I’m single and loving it. Why waste your time and energy and money investing in someone who isn’t a good fit or just down right trash depending on the situation. Nothing like taking time to love on and pamper yourself.

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  4. I have been single for a while on Valentine’s Day in which it doesn’t really phase me one way or another. But what I have learned is that it is day to love me and what I have been blessed with. I’m glad you had an amazing day and continue with your path of love!

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  5. I am not single, however I think it’s very humble of you to write about this. Too many people cannot admit to being lonely or not jealous on Valentine’s Day. They also can’t admit that they enjoy being single. Some people have to be in relationships no matter the cost.


  6. I love love too. Valentines was rather easy for me as well. I often found myself not even just feeling that way on the 14th but in general I was starting to become really cold but now I’m grateful for my ability to love. Great post!


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