Love Your Body!

*The only kind of model that girl could be is plus size?? *Don’t all overweight women have trouble conceiving?? *You won't have to worry about him hitting on you...?? The past few weeks...I’ve been hearing such negative comments regarding different bodies and definitions of beauty and frankly have been extremely over it. I was particularly … Continue reading Love Your Body!


Pros/Cons of Working In Mental Health

So I’m going to be COMPLETELY transparent with you all I’m not ALWAYS the biggest fan of my chosen career path. I’m going to give you some of my own personal pros/cons. To start off I began my college experience as a Nursing major. My mother had always wanted me to get my BSN however, … Continue reading Pros/Cons of Working In Mental Health


New Year New Me I wouldn't actually DARE start my post off with everyone's most despised New Year's mantra!New Year New Goals..Is more like it. 2018 was a year of learning, complacency and honestly a year where no FUCKS were given... however, that's another story or possibly another post 💭. However, something makes me feel … Continue reading 2019